What if I receive the correct order with any defect?

If you receive your order with any defect, you should immediately inform us and we will replace your product with justified reasons without charging you extra cost for shipment.

What if I receive wrong order from Shoppers - Delivery Goods?

There is zero percent chance to receive wrong order from us. However, in case, if you receive wrong order, we will replace it with the right order to you as soon as possible without charging you extra for shipment cost. Upon receiving wrong order, you can let us know on immediate basis through our Contact Us page or communicate with our available representatives on Live Chat Support.

What if I don’t like your delivered product? Do you return?

Once you purchase the product, you cannot return unless it is damaged or different from your order. In the above mentioned scenario, we exchange the product with another but we strictly follow no return policy.

I have received the defected product from Shoppers - Delivery Goods, what should I do in this case?

There is zero percent chance to receive defected or damaged product form us, however, in case if you receive defected or damaged products, you should immediately contact us through Contact Us page, Live Chat Support, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to inform about the delivery of the defected product. We will deliver new and non-defected products as soon as possible without charging you extra for shipment cost.

What if I don’t like the product? Do you exchange?

Yes, we will exchange the item with other if you don’t like the delivered one.

Is it possible to cancel my order at any point?

You can cancel your order within quarter time of your provided deadline otherwise; you cannot cancel your order.