What are the Pros of Our Affiliate Program?

Participating in Delivery Goods’ affiliate program will offer numerous advantages for both the affiliate and the business providing the affiliation package. Consider the following advantages:

Extra Earnings: By referring customers or generating sales for the company, affiliates can generate extra earnings in the form of commission. This will be providing an opportunity to supplement their income without the need to develop or trade products themselves.

Minimal Threat: As an affiliate, there is no requirement to endow capital in product creation or purchase, making it a minimal threat or risky endeavor for producing funds.

Adaptability: With Delivery Good’s Affiliate programs you will receive benefits associated with adaptable terms. Here we explain easy ways to promote your products, enabling you to select methods that best suit your preferences and target audience.

Assistance: Many affiliate programs provide valuable support to their affiliates, including workshops, marketing resources, and aid. This help can be essential in effectively endorsing products and making the most of earnings.

Mutually Beneficial: Affiliate marketing fosters a win-win association between the company and the affiliate. The company gains enhanced sales and exposure, while the affiliate earns commissions by endorsing products they genuinely believe in.

In conclusion, engaging in Delivery Good’s affiliate marketing presents a fantastic opportunity to earn supplementary income and promote products that align with your values. However, it is imperative to conduct comprehensive research and choose reputable programs that resonate with your principles and interests.

Introducing the Affiliate Program by Delivery Goods

With the Delivery Goods Affiliate Program, individuals can seize the chance to earn a reliable monthly income. By promoting links on their websites or social media platforms, participants can tap into this opportunity. The program boasts user-friendly features and offers real-time results through a dedicated affiliate panel exclusively tailored for Delivery Goods affiliates.

Are there any membership fees for joining the Program?

Joining the Program is completely free, without any hidden charges.

How Does the Delivery Goods Affiliate Program Work?

Our affiliation process is incredibly straightforward. At Delivery Goods, start by signing up here. Upon completing the form and registration process, you will receive personalized promotional links. You can share this link on your website and social media platforms. When individuals make purchases using your unique link, you will earn commissions for those sales. This is the essence of our affiliate program, allowing you to benefit from every successful referral.

Payment Withdrawal Process and Criteria

When it comes to withdrawing your payments, it’s important to understand the following conditions:

Validation Period: After a 15-day validation period, you become eligible to request your reimbursement or commission.

Bank Account Transfer: Your payment amount will be directly transferred to your bank account.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Initially, the minimum withdrawal amount is set at 5000 rupees. Following that, you can withdraw funds from your bank account every 15 days.

Please ensure that you meet these requirements to successfully withdraw your earnings.

How does the affiliate program operate?

Our affiliate program is designed in a manner to effectively manage affiliate accounts by monitoring and attributing visitors referred by affiliates to the website. At Delivery Goods affiliates earn commissions based on the actions performed by the referred visitors on the website, such as making purchases or signing up for services. Affiliates promote the website or products using their exclusive affiliate referral link/URL. Each affiliate is identified through their distinct ID or username added to the URL. With such identification, it becomes easier to facilitate tracking of affiliate links that is directing a customer to the website.

At our link, when a customer efficaciously finishes a desired action, like making a purchase or submitting a form, a referral is generated, leading to the affiliate receiving a commission. The Affiliate Bar tool simplifies the process of generating affiliate links, making it a quick and efficient task achievable in just two clicks.

Find out How to Engage with OUR Affiliate Program

You can simply follow the given process to initiate the affiliate program for yourself.

Choose an Affiliate Program: Firstly, conduct thorough research and select an affiliate program that aligns with your values and interests. Look for programs that offer reputable products or services that you truly believe in.


Register: Secondly, once you have chosen an affiliate program, sign up to become an affiliate. This typically involves providing basic information and agreeing to the program’s terms and conditions.


Obtain Your Affiliate Connection: Thirdly, upon registration, you will receive a unique affiliate link. This link will serve as your promotional tool for the company’s products or services, enabling the tracking of any sales or referrals you generate.

Indorse the Merchandises: Fourthly, utilize your affiliate link to promote the company’s offerings to your target audience. This can be done through various channels such as social media platforms, blog posts, email marketing, or even paid advertising.

Make Commissions: Fifthly, whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase or becomes a customer, you will receive a commission based on the sale. Commission rates vary among programs but typically range from 5% to 50% of the sale price.

Trail Your Performance: Finally, you must know that mostly dashboard systems are available at most of the affiliate programs. With the help of such boards, you can monitor your hits, deals, and commissions. You can use this information for the analysis of your performance, optimization of your promotional strategies, and maximizing your earnings

Keep in mind that achieving success in affiliate marketing requires dedication and determination. It is essential to develop trust with your audience, deliver value, and endorse products that you sincerely endorse.

Method for verification of the account at Delivery Goods: Be Cautious

Every time you register into the system, you will be provided with an e-mail for activation. Simply you have to follow the steps and initiate the verification of your account.  

In case you have not received an e-mail, you can contact our customer service via Live Call or WhatsApp or e-mail us for more inquiries.

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