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Delivery Goods is delighted to have you visit the website ( We work on minimum order quantity (MOQ) to order goods wholesale. When anyone visits our platform and utilizes it, it is an implicit agreement that he or she is signifying their acceptance of the terms and conditions provided here. Therefore, in case, you have any disagreement with the counter conditions, kindly refrain from using the website for any goal. Here, we assure you that these terms and conditions apply to all products and categories available on the website.

Please be notified that any reference to this website or any linked websites falls under the jurisdiction of the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Delivery Goods reserves the right to make modifications, adjustments, additions, or removals to any part or the entirety of the terms and conditions. As soon as such changes are posted on the website, they will take effect without any additional or preceding notification. We will presume that you have read and acknowledged and consented to any amendments made to the terms and conditions.

Terms for Website Utilization

The age limit for using this website is 18 years and above and also when supervised by an adult. We do not allow using our website for commercial purposes or acting as a third party on behalf of a user unless explicitly communicated to us in advance and with the user’s consent. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may lead to order cancellation and potential penalties.

The terms and conditions displayed on the website are based on the personal perspectives of the individuals who submitted them. The opinions expressed by customers do not necessarily align with the viewpoints held by Delivery Goods.

Delivery Goods require you to consider mandatory registration before accessing specific features. Upon registration, you must furnish accurate information to the best of your abilities. Any modifications to the provided information should be promptly updated. As a member, you hold individual accountability for ensuring the security of your account and password. We highly recommend that you refrain from sharing them under any circumstances. You will be held personally accountable for any unlawful activities carried out using your username. However, if you come across any instances of unauthorized actions on your account, which you did not initiate, it is important to promptly notify Delivery Goods via call or email.

Terms related to Submissions

Once you have provided us with any content or proposals for the website, they become the private assets of the website and may or may not be returned to the original author. Delivery Goods retains the right to utilize both the submitted information and the name of the individual who submitted it for future purposes or assessments. Additionally, we also strictly prohibit using counterfeit or unauthorized email addresses belonging to others for any activities associated with this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, including web design, audio elements, banners, and all codes developed for the website, are solely owned by Delivery Goods. Unauthorized usage of these rights is strictly prohibited unless explicit permission is granted by the relevant authorities at this company.

Order Acceptance and Pricing Terms

Refusal or cancellation of any order, at any time and for any reason, is within the rights of Delivery Goods. Before accepting your order, we may require additional information beyond the phone number and address.

When using credit or debit cards for payment, it may be necessary to endure further confirmation, including proof of identity, private specifics, residence, delivery site, and the capability to make the reimbursement (such as banking information). Failure to provide such information may lead to immediate order cancellation. If there are doubts about the deceitful activity or misuse of a credit or debit card, the order may also be cancelled.

While our goal is to ensure accurate information on the website, including pricing accuracy, mistakes can still happen. We will promptly address any errors that arise. However, Delivery Goods retains the right to refuse or cancel orders, with or without prior notification. If there are instances of mispriced or inaccurately displayed products, even after payment has been made, we may opt to decline delivery or cancel the order. In such situations, a refund equal to the charged amount on the credit card will be provided.

Revocation of Rights

In the event of termination, Delivery Goods reserves the authority to revoke customer rights without prior notice. The agreement’s terms and conditions may also be terminated by Delivery Goods without preceding notification. Following termination, it is mandatory for you to immediately cease all usage of the website. The passwords and account identification provided to you through our website will be invalidated, leading to the loss of website access. Please be aware that this provision does not impact any previously confirmed payment obligations or agreements. By utilizing this website, you implicitly acknowledge that Delivery Goods and its website bear no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from such closure or deferment, whether incurred by the customer or any other individual.

Additional considerations to remember

Please note that Delivery Goods products do not come with a replacement policy. As a substitute, we bargain via a 1 week checking warranty for products without a manufacturer’s warranty. However, this 7-day checking warranty does not apply to products that already have a manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to understand that sales and discounts may only apply to specific items or units of a particular product. In the absence of the discounted units on the website due to sale or unavailability, then we will not offer a discount to you. The discount will also not be applicable in the situation when new units of a similar product are in stock. Upon disagreement with these outlined terms and conditions, it is advised that you refrain from using this website for any purpose.

Reimbursement Strategy

In case your order is cancelled by the ability goods for any reason including unavailability of the product for others, the company will be responsible for providing a new complete refund of the amount. The refund process will be initiated promptly and completed within a period of 7 to 10 business days.

Payment Guidelines

Delivery Goods reserves the right to modify the price of the ordered product, which may occur as a result of currency depreciation, product scarcities, or unexpected situations. In such situations, Delivery Goods will inform the client about the updated price, and the product will only be dispatched if the customer settles for the revised price.

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