MS8050 High-Precision Bench Digital Multimeter

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  • 53000 counts measurement. Auto/Manual range. ACV and ACV measurements reach up to 1000V. DC measurement accuracy reaches up to 0.03%.
  • 0.1ohm resistance and 1μV voltage resolution. Voltage/Current linear frequency measurement. Logic frequency/duty cycle measurement.
  • Capacitance measurement from 0.01nF to 5000μF. AC/AC + DC true RMS/dBm measurement. MAX/MIN/MAX-MIN value, relative value, average value measurement.
  • Data hold. RS-232C interface and PC Windows software. Software calibrates automatically. Full overload protection.
  • Color fluorescent double display. Full screen memory function Insulating performance reaching 1000V CATII.
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High-Precision Bench Digital multimeter DCV0.03% Ture RMS VFD 53000 1uV 0.1ohm USB for R & D + measure + Lab MASTECH MS8050 Product description: The MS8050 is a high accuracy, high stability digital multimeter. It uses 24 bit A/D converter, completed dozens of measurements in the single chip computer control. Direct digit display up to 53000 count. With DC, AC RMS, mixed signal DC + AC RMS reaches as high as 1000V voltage, 10A current measurement function. 1 microvolt DC and 20KHz AC frequency resolution can satisfy most requirements for measurement. It is a frequency meter, the pulse can be measured more than 2MHz frequency, linear frequency can reach 200KHz, including current frequency measurement. Large 50M resistor, capacitor and 5000 u F maximum value, minimum value, relative value, average value, measured in decibels, diode, switching power on the technical staff very useful. The instrument has 30 full storage function, double function display, color fluorescent digital display shows off the meter luxury. MS8050 software was used to control and adjustment, adjustable components can ensure the long-term stability of the non high stability of the instrument. Instrument with photoelectric isolation of RS-232C interface and PC computer software, can be on the computer display, recording, measurement process mapping. Mapping software with dynamic scale is unique, so that small changes in the measured parameters are clear picture recording. MS8050 plus a computer becomes a multipurpose measuring recorder. Misoperation function makes its safety performance is guaranteed. It is the factory, scientific research institutions, school laboratory electrical measuring the best choice.

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