Mastech MY6243 LCR Digital Multimeter

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MY6243 Mastech

This Digital LC Meter gives a direct reading of inductance and capacitance on a 3 1/2 digits LCD display. Six ranges from 1pF to 200µF and four ranges from 1µH to 2H give precision readings, which includes virtually all inductance and capacitance used in electronic engineering laboratory, production, service shops and schools. Its battery operation, light weight, and small size make it a truly portable instrument.


  • Accuracy is specified for a period of one year after calibration and at 18°C to 28°C (64°F to 82°F) with relative humidity to 80%
  • Power Supply: 9V battery NEDA 1604 or 6F22 006P
  • Low Battery Indication:   appears on the display
  • Fuse Protection: 100mA/250V
  • Zero Adjustment: Automatic (except 2nF range, typically have 0-3pf circuit stray capacitance)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -10°C (14°F to 122°F)


  • 21mm LCD display provided, MAX indication 1999.
  • 6 Ranges form 2nF to 200µF.
  • 4 Ranges form 2mH to 2H.
  • High accuracy in measuring.
  • Zero automatic
  • Dual – Slope integration A/D converter.
  • Overload indications of “1”.
  • Safety designed test probe.
  • Size: 31.5mm*91mm*189mm (H*W*L)
  • Weight: 300g (including battery).
Specification Range Accuracy

Capacitance 2nF/20nF/200nF +-(1.0%+1)
2µF/20µF/200µF +-(2.0%+1)
Inductance 2mH/20mH/200mH +-(2.0%+1)
2H +-(5.0%+1)


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